The History of the Land

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Eastern Leide

Hammerhead, Ostium Gorge and more

The Weavenwilds
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: A large vast plains, primarily sandy - fondly described as a dustbowl. Shrubs litter the dry arid ground, and while dry and arid there is plenty of dangerous fauna to be observed around here.

Likely monsters to find here:

Description: A small settlement, with a garage often stopped at by hunters and truckers alike doing the long hauls for fuel stops. There are few houses around here, and the high chain metal fencing that kept the garage safe during the unending darkness is still present.

Ostium Gorge
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: The gorge is the linking road to Insomnia itself, though many abandoned cars litter the sides. There is still a checkpoint here, but now it is manned by members of the crownsguard, preventing monster incursions.

Western Leide

Longwythe Peak and the Three Valleys

Longwythe Peak
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: The great Adamantoise, who's carapace forms the the distinctive peak, has settled back to sleep - at least for now. Like Three Valleys until you reach Longwythe checkpoint the terrain is dusty, arid and dry.

The Three Valleys
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: While there were likely river valleys here once, this area is totally dried up and desolate, leaving only small shrubby trees their growth left stunted.

Southern Leide

Calleagh Steps, Saulhend Pass, Vannath Coast

Calleagh Steps
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: A high mountain, of red-orange sandstone is interupted by the entrance to Balleagh mines. However this area is primarily sandy, trapped between two high peaks, and sandstorms are frequent here.

Saulhend Pass
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: High cliff walls hem you in, as the land around you rises up, staying close to the road, driving you through a twisting gorge. In the places where it opens out due to the height of the cliffs around it, grass has grown with precipitation naturally flowing down into this area. This means you are likely to find herbivores peacefully grazing.

Vannath Coast
Likely monsters to find here:

Description: Home to Galdin Quay Vannath Coast, has a strong tropical feel to it, with sandy white beaches that seem idylic. The land sweeping up towards the cliffs that form Saulhend Pass are covered with lush green foliage. A great place for a break, though the hotel at the quay is rather expensive. Or at least was. There is also a fishing spot here


The Crown City

Capital city of Leide, seat of power for King Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lady Lunafreya, given back to us by the blessings of the Six for their sacrifice. The city took a pounding, and there is still much to rebuild.
Monsters Sighted:

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